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Catholic Sentinel
Jan. 2016
This article in the weekly newspaper of the archdiocese of Portland featured the Eugene Catholic Worker Community in this edition.  
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Breakfast served in Eugene
Iowa’s St. Francis House/Des Moines Catholic Worker
Des Moines Catholic Worker receives Bishop Dingman Peace Award
Nuclear Armaments
The elimination of nuclear weaponry in the world remains an ongoing part of the prayer and protest activities of the Eugene Catholic Workers.  At the end of a peace march from Corvallis, Oregon to Seattle, Washington, a group  exercised the right of peaceful protest at the Bangor Naval Station outside Seattle, Washington.  This site is the location of the largest nuclear weapons arsenal in the United States.
Other significant news of progress with regard to the elimination of nuclear weapons includes:
  • The United Nations has passed a treaty agreeing to ban nuclear weapons.  Nations possessing nuclear arms boycotted the treaty.  Though not an ideal solution, this treaty does represent a step in the right direction.
  • The Franciscan Action Network encourages all to express their support for the United Nations treaty.
  • The European and United States Catholic Bishops follow the lead of Pope Francis in stating the need to eliminate nuclear weapons.
 Criminalization of Poverty
An article at the Human Rights Watch website states: “Our organizations hope to demonstrate how two common features of the United States criminal justice systems–money bail and exorbitant fees and fines–violate the rights of vulnerable defendants and at the same time exacerbate poverty, including extreme poverty.”
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Rescue Mission, Salvation Army, Catholic Workers and many others involved in sheltering the homeless.  Shepherd’s Express newsletter describes the details of a growing movement.
We are developing a newsletter that can be updated quarterly to describe the activities and growth of the community.
A discussion:  The What and Why of what we do
Break-in at Y-12: Nuns and Nuclear Power
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