Spiritual Works of Mercy


A group of six members of the Pacific Life Community, including Charles Smith of the Eugene Catholic Worker community, exercised their right of civil disobedience in presenting their objection to the largest nuclear weapons arsenal in the United States which is located at Bangor, Washington.
Trident Nuclear
This photo captures a Trident nuclear submarine probably armed with nuclear warheads leaving port in Bangor, Washington.  Some thoughts are included regarding nuclear weapons treaties.
img_0974 Brother Gilberto Perez, a Bhuddist monk, outside Las Vegas participating in the Nevada Desert Experience peace walk.  Participants walked approximately sixty five miles from downtown Las Vegas to the nuclear test facility at Mercury Nevada.

This peace walk is an annual event taking place during the Catholic Holy week.  Information for the 2017 peacewalk can be found at the web link associated with the photo of brother Gilberto.  Information for the 2018 walk does not appear to be available on the internet.

News and Activities This page points to articles and information that discusses various aspects of the work of the catholic worker community.
Nonviolence The catholic worker community exercises non-violence an essential component of activities to implement the spiritual works of mercy.
Our Values This is a more general statement/discussion of the catholic worker values than the non-violence specific page above.  This page will be reworked and eventually combined with the above page.

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